Tera Selleck

Tera Selleck, a self-taught artist, enjoys making many different types of art. She has developed a signature free-spirited and colorful artistic style, reflected in her mesmerizing doodle-type watercolor paintings. Ever-curious, you can usually find Tera working on several different projects all at once, from designing children’s crafts, to creating jewelry, to painting eye-popping signs for local businesses. Tera’s beaded bracelets are currently featured at a salon in Albuquerque, and she was recently commissioned to create artwork for a series of skateboards. During the holiday season, you might be lucky enough to find her selling baked goods, including delicious caramel candies and beautifully decorated cookies.

Tera was born in Texas and has been living in Gallup for the last 30 years. Tera has  raised three children, and been actively involved in school functions, local charity work, as well as Gallup’s Civil Air Patrol. She currently works with the Gallup ArtsCrawl.