LOOM Indigenous Art Gallery

The LOOM Indigenous Art Gallery, located downtown on Coal Avenue, is Gallup’s smallest gallery, occupying about 30 square feet of space. But what the LOOM Gallery lacks in size, it makes up for in punch. LOOM is a cutting-edge and experimental space spotlighting rising star, innovative, and contemporary Indigenous artists from across the continent, from Los Angeles to Toronto. This new generation of artists is socially engaged, bringing fresh voices, different perspectives and a whole lotta style to Gallup.

LOOM Gallery is managed by an all-Native Advisory Council in partnership with gallupARTS. LOOM Gallery Advisory Council members are:

  • Orlando Walker, Dine’/Zuni Artist – Co-chair
  • Allison Johnson, Dine’ Community Planner – Co-chair
  • Diane Taylor-Beall, Dine’ Community Planner & Weaver – Secretary
  • Eric-Paul Reige, Dine’ Artist – Treasurer
  • Demian Dine’Yazhi – Dine’ Artist

Learn more about LOOM Gallery and see previously featured artists at https://loomindigenousartgallery.tumblr.com.

Tune in to the LOOM Gallery on Facebook @LOOMIndigenous