Official Billie

Raven Marshall-Biggs goes by the artist name “Billie.”  

Billie is of Nez Perce and Comanche dissent but is not tribally enrolled. She was born in Fort Worth, Texas, graduated from Nimitz High School in Irving, Texas, and attended the Art Institute of Fort Worth and Dallas. Billie currently resides in Zuni, New Mexico with her 2 year old son, mom and stepdad.

Billie has overcome many obstacles in her lifetime. Born with a small hole in her heart, Billie had 2 balloon procedures before her 2nd Birthday.  At age 6 she survived a near fatal car crash when a drunk driver broadsided her mom just outside of Albuquerque.  She planned a military career and was signed with the Army when emergency gallbladder surgery and intestinal cancer scare stopped her from serving.  At age 19 she fell ill with a Bell’s palsy Episode and at age 23 she suffered a traumatic brain injury resulting in a stroke and paralysis of her left side.  Billie also struggles daily with bipolar depression and anxiety.

Billie credits Terri McCaskey with instilling in her the love for reading.  It was this love for books that gave Billie’s her passion to write essays, short stories and poems.  Billie credits her mom’s musical influence with her love of music and later turning her poems into song lyrics.  Billie was encouraged early on by such famous Native American artists like Dana Tiger and Donald Vann.  Billie credits her stepdad, artist Arnulfo Peña, with encouraging her to attend the Art Institute and continuing to encourage her creativity today.

Billie sees art in everything in daily life.  She is a chocolatier, a beading artist, a painter and a photographer.  Although concert photography is her specialty, Billie shoots everything that catches her eye.  Billie is an accomplished makeup artist and a Marykay representative as well.  She is a true Renaissance woman, inspiration and role model.