E Pluribus Unum: Dinetah

In September of 2016, gallupARTS partnered with Axle Contemporary to bring the third installment of its “E Pluribus Unum” project to Dinétah (translated as Navajo-land, meaning Gallup and the surrounding area). Over the course of 11 days, Axle took its mobile photography studio on the road, visiting 15 locations—from Gallup to Window Rock to Farmington and everywhere in between—and taking portraits of hundreds of people along the way. Project participants were asked to pose holding an object of special significance. Axle displayed the portraits on the side of its truck as they went and ultimately published them all together as a book. The portraits will also be exhibited at the Navajo Nation Museum in summer 2017. Taken as a whole, these portraits create a beautiful representation of our community.

Axle book

Stop by ART123 Gallery to pick up your copy of the E Pluribus Unum: Dinétah book ($20). 

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