Fitz Sargent

Local artist Fitz Sargent’s work is part of the fabric of downtown Gallup. In the last five years, he’s played a fundamental role in starting three art galleries here: he helped organize the original ART123 Gallery, of which he is still a member artist, launch the Shallow Gallery (which has sense transitioned into the LOOM Indigenous Art Gallery), and, most recently, form opo Gallery, which just celebrated its 1 year anniversary in September.

Fitz has been practicing art for as long as he can remember. “My mother would send all of us out of the house with a sketch book, some pencils and watercolors,” he says. “While my sisters focused on horses I was usually doing perspective drawings of buildings. For about 30 years I practiced architecture full time and then I spent 10 years teaching printing, painting, ceramics. glass work,  blacksmith and foundry work in a wonderful high school in Maine. Since I have been back in New Mexico (I grew up in Albuquerque) I have been doing a bit of everything…..but most of it 3 dimensional.”

As for what inspires him, Fitz says that he is drawn to patterns and repetition. “Five years ago I had a show at ART123 called the Power of Repetition….1000 golf balls…10 dozen eggs….100 old sewing machines,” he says. “That kind of thing has a big impact on me.”